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#9: (((Shhhh…..Introverts)))

My last post splashed paint on a broad canvas that told the story of the outgoing and often boisterous extrovert. Today we are going to use a paintbrush to create a portrait of the introverts of the world. Extroverts tend to steal the spotlight on the world’s stage, but without introverts, there would be no show. So, let’s have a look at the #9 on the list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


The melancholy and phlegmatic are the two introverted personalities. (more…)

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The Entertaining World of Christmas Ornament Personalities

After letting it sit around naked for a couple of days, I finally got around to decorating my poor bare tree. At least the factory attached lights kept it from total embarrassment. As I pulled out the decorations for the “fun” tree this year…the set of ornaments that includes ALL the goofy ornaments my two “twenty-something” boys picked in a yearly ritual when they were young…the parade of personalities that emerged from the boxes kept me entertained.


So, what spirited sanguine could resist THIS jolly, rotund man dressed in bright red sledding down a slope full of frozen fun! I must confess that my sanguine side fell in love with this crazy ornament when I was shopping for an ornament exchange last Christmas. I loved it so much I stole the sledding Santa during the exchange and came home with him. Shhh…don’t tell.


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Trouble is a Brewin’ – Part 4, Laid-Back vs Indifferent

No one really wants to be “uptight” when “laid-back” carries a more positive message. However, in phlegmatic world sometimes being too laid-back leads to an appearance of indifference. This often has far-reaching effects in the calm waters that characterize the phlegmatic personality.

This personality is like a slow, trickling brook meandering through a quiet mountain forest. Phlegmatics have a natural ability to make others feel at ease just like a hiker who stumbles upon the peaceful waters of a hidden stream. Phlegmatic people are diplomatic, easy to get along with, and rarely create drama. They avoid conflict and tend to be quite happy melding with the desires of others.

This all sounds great, but sometimes the laid-back character of the phlegmatic morphs into indifference. (more…)

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Gracious Girlfriends, Part 4 – Phlegmatic

In this four-part series about gracious girlfriends, we’ve talked about sanguine, choleric, and melancholy friends. Today, it is time for the phlegmatic to be in the spotlight. This relaxed and inoffensive personality is the peaceful girlfriend. Although she is well-loved by just about everyone, this girlfriend has weaknesses.

Phlegmatic Traits

Unlike the other personalities, phlegmatic people usually don’t have traits that stand out. For example, a sanguine can overwhelm others with their exuberance, cholerics can be bossy and blunt, while melancholy friends can b moody and critical. Phlegmatics tend to be even keeled which usually means they don’t have any outlandish characteristics that bother others. Other nice traits of this personality include a diplomatic nature and a “go-with-the-flow” attitude. They are comfortable letting others take the lead in the relationship whether it means choosing activities or setting the tone for the overall relationship. (more…)

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Understanding the Phlegmatic/Choleric Couple

My last post talked about the personality dynamics in the sanguine/melancholy couple. People tend to marry their opposite personality so today, we are going to explore the phlegmatic/choleric couple, and because this is the relationship I share with my husband, I have great insiders information into this relationship.

The Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic personalities, which includes me, tend to be easy going, unobtrusive, and low energy. They are the most diplomatic of the four personality types and avoid confrontation when possible. Due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings they are the easiest of all the temperaments to get overlooked. However, they are reliable, great listeners, and are always ready to lend a helping hand in their own quiet way. (more…)

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Matching People Personalities with the Right Stuffy!

I hope you enjoy my first EVER vlog (video blog). I’ve been wanting to present “stuffy” personalities for a long time, but it seemed to me that just writing such a post would not do the subject justice. SO . . . when I recently learned the steps of making a vlog, I knew the time was right for this long awaited topic.

As with most things there is room for improvement, and since I haven’t mastered the art of editing (actually, I have NO clue how to edit and I don’t really want to learn right now) there is ONE place I ask you to watch for so you are not confused. After I describe the SANGUINE stuffy, I move to the CHOLERIC. I accidentally use the term “sanguine” in two places when I meant to say “choleric”. Just be on the lookout and that won’t trip you up. And, I promise that after a long enough time of procrastinating (a personality trait in phlegmatic people like me) I will learn how to fix such boo-boos.


©2012 Shona Neff

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Personalities and Prince Charming

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but June is the month for weddings.

Personalities play a big part in the world of nuptials and, believe it or not, we tend to marry our opposite. We fall in love with all the strengths of our beloveds, but after the honeymoon we often discover we married their weaknesses. Personalities are a tool that help us understand the person we marry and today we are going to look at the different princes through the lens of personalities.

Prince Sanguine . . . the True Charmer

The sanguine hubby tends to be spontaneous, creative, and fun. This is evident in everyday life and life in the bedroom (or possibly other fun and funky locations.) They love whimsical activities and games and often have as many words as women that they need to speak in a given day. That’s why the sanguine personality is known as the talker. The sanguine prince uses all these traits to be truly charming. (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 4 – Diplomatic, Diligent, and Sometimes Lazy

Who in the workplace can be diplomatic, diligent, and sometimes lazy? It’s the phlegmatic.

What makes this personality soar or crash in the workplace is their ability to operate in their strengths. Let’s explore the interesting phenomenon that is a phlegmatic at work.


Phlegmatic people are natural diplomats. That stems from their dislike of conflict – they are the peacemakers. More so than the other three personality types, they are able to see the merit in opposite sides of a dispute. Their easy-going manner allows them to mediate well when two or more parties are tearing at each others throats. (more…)

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True That! – The Sit-in-the-Shade Phlegmatic

You can’t make a place for yourself under the sun if you keep sitting in the shade of a tree.

Are you laid back or lazy? Phlegmatic personalities tend to the be the most laid back of the four temperaments. That’s not a bad thing when they are being productive. However, when the laid-back behavior crosses over into laziness there is a problem.

Phlegmatic people have as much ability to succeed as the next personality as long as they don’t develop rigor mortis sitting under the lazy shade of a tree (or eating bon bons on the couch while the TV blares, wallowing in bed, or growing roots in front of a computer…etc.). (more…)

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Preschool Personalities, Part 4 – The No-Fuss Phlegmatic

Quite a few years ago I taught preschool, but was unaware of the four personality types. It would have been a helpful tool way back then because looking back (now that I understand personalities) it is easy to pick out my past tots and their very distinctive traits. All, that is, except for the phlegmatic.

Honestly, I do not remember ANY phlegmatic students. That is sad, yet typical. The no-fuss phlegmatic is a chameleon and tends to blend in no matter the circumstances. My phlegmatic students, if I had any, must’ve done just that . . . blended in. (more…)

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