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Gracious Girlfriends, Part 2 – Choleric

In part 1 of this series we looked at the sanguine girlfriend. Today the choleric takes center stage. This personality makes a wonderful friend, but also poses some unique challenges. Understanding personalities will help you navigate the dynamic a choleric female brings to a friendship.

Choleric Traits

Male or female, this is the most intense of the four personality types. They tend to take things more seriously than most people and they take quick action when needed (and sometimes when not needed). They are goal-oriented extroverts which translates into a whirl of activity. A choleric girlfriend clothes herself with practicality, loyalty, and a small circle of close friends. She organizes “missions” for her and her friends to embark on, and is not afraid to offer plenty of suggestions/strategies how to accomplish activities/ideas that originate with others . Choleric girlfriends LOVE figuring out how to make things happen. They are fiercely loyal and expect the same from their friends. (more…)

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Understanding the Phlegmatic/Choleric Couple

My last post talked about the personality dynamics in the sanguine/melancholy couple. People tend to marry their opposite personality so today, we are going to explore the phlegmatic/choleric couple, and because this is the relationship I share with my husband, I have great insiders information into this relationship.

The Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic personalities, which includes me, tend to be easy going, unobtrusive, and low energy. They are the most diplomatic of the four personality types and avoid confrontation when possible. Due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings they are the easiest of all the temperaments to get overlooked. However, they are reliable, great listeners, and are always ready to lend a helping hand in their own quiet way. (more…)

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Matching People Personalities with the Right Stuffy!

I hope you enjoy my first EVER vlog (video blog). I’ve been wanting to present “stuffy” personalities for a long time, but it seemed to me that just writing such a post would not do the subject justice. SO . . . when I recently learned the steps of making a vlog, I knew the time was right for this long awaited topic.

As with most things there is room for improvement, and since I haven’t mastered the art of editing (actually, I have NO clue how to edit and I don’t really want to learn right now) there is ONE place I ask you to watch for so you are not confused. After I describe the SANGUINE stuffy, I move to the CHOLERIC. I accidentally use the term “sanguine” in two places when I meant to say “choleric”. Just be on the lookout and that won’t trip you up. And, I promise that after a long enough time of procrastinating (a personality trait in phlegmatic people like me) I will learn how to fix such boo-boos.


©2012 Shona Neff

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Personalities and Prince Charming

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but June is the month for weddings.

Personalities play a big part in the world of nuptials and, believe it or not, we tend to marry our opposite. We fall in love with all the strengths of our beloveds, but after the honeymoon we often discover we married their weaknesses. Personalities are a tool that help us understand the person we marry and today we are going to look at the different princes through the lens of personalities.

Prince Sanguine . . . the True Charmer

The sanguine hubby tends to be spontaneous, creative, and fun. This is evident in everyday life and life in the bedroom (or possibly other fun and funky locations.) They love whimsical activities and games and often have as many words as women that they need to speak in a given day. That’s why the sanguine personality is known as the talker. The sanguine prince uses all these traits to be truly charming. (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 2 – Who is Bossy Breeches?

If you’ve read my column regularly for a while you probably know what personality this is . . . the CHOLERIC! If you are new to this column, be ready to learn about the bossy breeches at your workplace.

Born Leader

The choleric people of the world are the natural born leaders. They are born looking for someone or situation to control and spend a lifetime meeting that goal. I affectionately use the term “bossy breeches” to describe this temperament, but they can be great leaders. The tricky part of this personality in the (more…)

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Preschool Personalities, Part 2 – Choleric, Who’s the Boss?

My oldest son is choleric and looking back, he was a preschooler on a mission: giving us dinosaur lessons while tumbling between explanations, going off the high-dive at two years of age, and toddling up to restaurant counters (by himself) to get the necessary carry-home containers for our uneaten food. In addition to his fearless and practical approach to life, he was rarely influenced by his tiny tot peers . . . classic traits of the choleric personality. It is amazing how early a child’s temperament manifests itself.

Preschool Practicality

Several years ago I taught preschool children – 18 months going on two years. I’ll never forget Choleric Caroline. I had not yet learned about personalities, but even then, there was no mistaking that this tiny tot was mission minded. I am confident that if I ever needed a substitute teacher Caroline could have run my class for a day. (more…)

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Yosemite Newt

Yes, I’m comparing Newt Gingrich to Yosemite Sam. They share the choleric personality. Both are mission-minded and both have blazing guns. I do think that Newt has a broader spectrum of goals than Sam, whose main goal is to get that mangy Bugs Bunny. Plus, Yosemite Newt has more successes than Yosemite Sam, but both are colorful characters.


Choleric personalities are mission minded – almost to a fault. When I hear co-workers or former co-workers talking about how hard it is to work with a choleric person, I don’t pay much attention. Choleric people get the job done and are too worried about creating kumbaya moments in the workplace. (more…)

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Four Personalities, One Assumption to Live By – Part 2 Choleric

My last post talked about the sanguine and the one assumption to live by. Today, we will look at the choleric and this assumption. In case you missed it, I’ll restate the one assumption that all four personalities should live by:

Don’t assume everyone is interested in what you have to say.

The sanguine personality needs to remember to breathe since they tend to be the most loquacious of the four personalities. The choleric, on the other hand, has issues in other areas.

100% Practicality is not needed 100% of the Time

Practicality is not is not a bad thing, but when lurks in every conversation, it makes people want to scream! (more…)

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2012: Resolution Solutions – Part 1

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions give me a headache. Well, they used to. I always had such high hopes of accomplishing great things, but I usually failed miserably when it came time to follow through. How about you? What do you think of the self-improvement game as we flip the calendar to 2012?

For years my well-intentioned plans floated to the floor like the festive confetti of New Year’s Eve only to be swept away like yesterday’s trash. My resolutions were left behind as time marched forward. Ever been there? It’s quite depressing. However, when I learned about personalities I gained a new and improved outlook toward New Year’s resolutions. It made all the difference in the world and I want to share some practical solutions for those struggling with the traditional self-improvement of the season.

Tips for the Task Oriented

Choleric and melancholy personalities have a better chance of succeeding than do the sanguine and phlegmatic people of the world. The fact that they are the task-oriented temperaments gives them the edge. (more…)

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Personalities and Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. It seems appropriate to explore each personality and the way they approach big, potluck gatherings. If your house is anything like mine, you never know what personalities will show up.

Many families choose a buffet-style, pot-luck meal that accommodates the large number of people that gather in one place. This is a great idea and works well. However, keep the different personalities in mind. Celebrations with lots of people are a lot like the annual migrations of the wildebeest: full of adventures.


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