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Spiritual Personalities, Part 1 – Sanguine

How do personalities affect our approach to God?

As a Christian Personality Mechanic, I find this topic fascinating and wanted to share some of my observations with you. It may help you understand others, but better yet, it may help you feel more comfortable with who YOU are when it comes to God’s kingdom.

Sanguine personalities are people people. They tend to be warm, fun, lively, and talkative. People are drawn to them so it isn’t unusual for them to be surrounded by a sea of friends everywhere they go. Their mantra is the “the more the merrier!”  They are talkers and usually have a good or personal adventure to share with anyone who will lend an ear. A Bible verse that meshes well with this vibrant personality is Psalm 32:11: “Celebrate God. Sing together — everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!” (Psalm 32:11 MSG)

Girl lifting Heart

View of God

Many of the sanguine person’s emotional needs involve feeling accepted. They tend not to be harsh and, likewise, don’t like it when others are harsh toward them. They view God as the affectionate father . . . much like a endeared “Daddy”. Spiritual sanguines enjoy a close relationship that resembles a child curling up in a parent’s lap. There is nothing more accepting to this personality than that type of closeness with others, even in the spiritual realm. Christian sanguines see Jesus as their best friend . . . someone they can turn to and lean on when their world is not a happy place. He is also someone to rejoice with when all is good. It isn’t unusual to see a sanguine lost in worship while his or her heart is filled with love. (more…)

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Personality Sarfari

Who needs a real-life vacation to Africa when you can take a personality safari and visit multiple  continents without leaving your computer? Personalities are ALL over the world and worthy of a safari all their own. So, without further ado, let’s visit personalities around the world.

The Cheerful Chimp

Smiles and giggles are universal, and Mother Nature provides many fun sanguine wildlife examples. On of the most notable is the cheerful chimpanzee. They are true clowns, true sanguine personalities.

cheerful chimp


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Introvert Revelations – Part 2: I Want It, But I Can’t

Oh the internal struggle that perplexed me  until I discovered my personality. As a phlegmatic/sanguine blend I now understand the tug of war that has been my constant companion since I was a little girl. Its roots started with my introverted primary personality (phlegmatic), but were complicated with my extrovert blend (sanguine.)

blog photo

As a little girl and teen I always had SOME idea tumbling around in my head: you know, the typical girl stuff like boys, dating, dogs, and a few sports. However, I was never insistent about any of it.

  • For my 10th birthday I wanted a basketball hoop because I wanted to play just like my look alike cousin when I got to high school.. Well, I got the hoop, but it never was put up. I don’t know why, it just lay useless in our bike garage. Being phlegmatic, I was OK with that. Had I been sanguine, I would have pestered my parents until it was erected. Had I been choleric, I would have demanded they get it up (or I would have done it myself). If I had been melancholy, I would have sunk into a depression and guilted the folks into putting it up. But, alas, I was phlegmatic and despite wanting it, I let it go. (more…)

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Girls’ Day Out with a Phlegmatic/Sanguine and Choleric/Melancholy!!

Once upon a time, a phlegmatic/sanguine and a choleric/melancholy planned a “Girls’ Day Out.”  Well, actually it was just last weekend and the phlegmatic/sanguine was me, and the choleric/melancholy was my friend, CM. Oh my, what a hilarious study of our two personality blends. I wish you all could have been “flies on the wall”, because it was quite entertaining. But I’ll do my best to fill you in on all the laughs.

girls day out

The Planning

Getting a phlegmatic and choleric to take time for a social event can be daunting. Phlegmatics are procrastinators who are terrible about making plans – it is so much easier to stay home and just “be”. Combine that with a mission-minded choleric who wears several professional hats and is always marching along the path of practicality, and a day of girly fun rarely materializes between the two. Well, finally after 5 years of threatening (has it really been THAT long?…maybe just a year), CM and I got intentional and our day of shopping actually happened. (more…)

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The Entertaining World of Christmas Ornament Personalities

After letting it sit around naked for a couple of days, I finally got around to decorating my poor bare tree. At least the factory attached lights kept it from total embarrassment. As I pulled out the decorations for the “fun” tree this year…the set of ornaments that includes ALL the goofy ornaments my two “twenty-something” boys picked in a yearly ritual when they were young…the parade of personalities that emerged from the boxes kept me entertained.


So, what spirited sanguine could resist THIS jolly, rotund man dressed in bright red sledding down a slope full of frozen fun! I must confess that my sanguine side fell in love with this crazy ornament when I was shopping for an ornament exchange last Christmas. I loved it so much I stole the sledding Santa during the exchange and came home with him. Shhh…don’t tell.


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Matching People Personalities with the Right Stuffy!

I hope you enjoy my first EVER vlog (video blog). I’ve been wanting to present “stuffy” personalities for a long time, but it seemed to me that just writing such a post would not do the subject justice. SO . . . when I recently learned the steps of making a vlog, I knew the time was right for this long awaited topic.

As with most things there is room for improvement, and since I haven’t mastered the art of editing (actually, I have NO clue how to edit and I don’t really want to learn right now) there is ONE place I ask you to watch for so you are not confused. After I describe the SANGUINE stuffy, I move to the CHOLERIC. I accidentally use the term “sanguine” in two places when I meant to say “choleric”. Just be on the lookout and that won’t trip you up. And, I promise that after a long enough time of procrastinating (a personality trait in phlegmatic people like me) I will learn how to fix such boo-boos.


©2012 Shona Neff

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TurboFire® and Beach Bodies vs Camp Fires and Kumbaya

Okay, I admit it: I hate to exercise. But, it usually is a regular part of my life . . . mainly for health reasons. I certainly don’t pursue breathless escapade and stinging sweat gushing in my eyes because I like it. For me, it’s a personality thing.

As a phlegmatic, I’d rather just be blessed with hot body DNA than have to work out in the hopes one will miraculously appear. Too bad sitting at the computer, reading, playing on my iPhone, and just getting out of bed aren’t cardio enough. Slow and easy is the perfect exercise regiment for a phlegmatic type like me. Maybe you can relate.

After taking a three month break, I am trying to get back into an exercise routine and, after being highly recommended by my friend Sara, I’m am trying the TurboFire® program. I hate it! Oh, not because it isn’t good, but because it is SO not me. There is not one phlegmatic thing on that DVD. (more…)

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Four Personalities, One Assumption to Live By – Part 1 Sanguine

I’m not sure if my “wisdom” in this area comes more from age, observation, and experience, or my study of personalities. Either way, both contributed to the musing I’m recording in black and white today. If you are having a fragile day emotionally, you may not want to go any further because this post is not full of fun revelations. Don’t get me wrong . . .  they are good, but most of the time, self-improvement is not easy on the ego for those who choose to engage it. But, if you are up for a challenge, I encourage you to read on.

The one assumption that I believe that all four personalities can live by is this:

Don’t assume everyone is interested in what you have to say. (more…)

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Santa Claus: More Than a Jolly Old Soul

Christmas is only a week away. First and foremost, it is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the man in the red suit is on a lot of people’s minds, too. Just who is this festive fellow beneath the silvery beard, wisps of Fabio-rivaling hair, and luxurious suit? Is it possible to get inside the famous personality?

The well-known song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, gives some insight into this elusive character:

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Lean your ear this way, Don’t you tell a single soul, What I’m going to say


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On the Road with the Reluctant Phlegmatic – Coast Rica, Part 2

In part one of my Costa Rica adventure, I shared some of the things I learned about my travel personality. Today, I will highlight a few more discoveries as I traipsed around the Central American country.


Phlegmatic personalities may not do things with the flair of a sanguine or the intensity of the choleric, but we tend to finish what we start. Part of our tour included racing along a zip line. My thinking: if you travel to Costa Rica, you may as well be able to say you zip-lined through the rain forest canopy. Well, I can now say it! I didn’t like it, but I did it. It was slow and steady (which is the typical phlegmatic way) and not very pretty.


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